Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a Mild Virus Similar to the Common cold, Genetically Engineered to Eradicate Cancer Cells.

We have successfully developed a new class of potent, genetically engineered oncolytic virus similar to the mild common cold Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) that destroys cancer cells while healthy cells remain unharmed.

Genetcally engineered RVLYSIS® selectively kills tumor cells but not normal cells. This medical breakthrough has shown real promise to potentially help millions of people worldwide in cancer treatment and the fight against cancer.

HERVLYSIS® – Specifically Engineered RSV For Treatment of Liver Cancer

Genetically Engineered Respiratory Syncytial Virus HERVLYSIS®

Oncolytic Virus HERVLYSIS® Eliminates Liver Cancer

Why oncolytic virus is the most advanced cancer treatment.

The important discovery of treating cancer using oncolytic virus is due to the ability to infect and control specific types of viruses to kill tumor cells while normal healthy cells are unaffected.

Viruses are like machines, robots or nanotechs, each carrying genetic codes. These gentic codes are languages that can be used to control the actions of viruses. Various types of viruses were discovered to be less harmful to normal cells.

The discovery that all cancer cells react in similar ways and oncolytic viruses can be ‘controlled’ to only activate in cancer cells was astounding. Scientists were able to alter the various viruses so that they would only destroy cancer cells and not damage healthy cells.

Compared to other treatments, the use of oncolytic virus became one of the most important discoveries for the treatment of cancer.

Why CZ Biomed:


CZ BioMed products, novel oncolytic viruses, have been genetically engineered to selectively target tumor cells, but not normal cells.


Targeted virus replication in tumor cells generates thousands of new therapeutic copies, resulting in the oncolysis of cancer cells and release of the new therapeutic copies to target the adjacent cancer cells in the tumor mass. Therapeutic copies also spread within the body to target and attack distant tumor sites.


The primary replication of oncolytic viruses directly ruptures the targeted tumor cells, and the ruptured cancer cells activate a cascade of anti-tumor immune response.