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Kocal Consulting Corporation Celebrates new Consulting Agreement with CZ Biomed Corp to Help Deliver Real Value to Bio-pharmaceutical World

Bio-pharmaceutical insiders have long known about the important, diverse work being done by CZ Biomed Corp, some of which could have applications of the absolute highest value. This makes it very exciting news from Kocal Consulting Corporation that they now have a worldwide consulting agreement to develop licensing and partnerships with bio-pharmaceutical leaders worldwide.

December 1, 2016

In ground breaking bio-pharmaceutical news, Kocal Consulting Corporation recently announced they have signed a worldwide consulting agreement with CZ Biomed Corp. to develop licensing and partnerships with global bio-pharmaceutical leaders.

“To say that we are excited to make this announcement is an understatement,” said Andrew Lim, CEO of Kocal Consulting Corporation. “Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a virus similar to a common cold, is an oncolytic virus known to attack and destroy cancer cells. RVLYSIS®, a genetically engineered RSV by CZ Biomed Corp. targets, attacks and eradicates cancer cells while normal cells remain unharmed.”

Lim continued, “The positive results demonstrated in overseas clinical trials are extraordinary. One of the patients with prostate cancer, classified as a Stage 4, hypo-intense T2 tumor engulfing the entire prostate, received just 2 doses per day for 12 days. Results of the treatment showed more than 50% in tumor reduction.”

Dr. Richard Goldberg M.D of Partners Imaging Center in Tampa, Florida analyzed and compared the imaging studies of this trial and stated the following in a report:

“In summary, there has been a significant positive therapeutic response when compared to prior exam. There has been significant reduction by more than 50% volume of tumor within the prostate bed. Pelvic lymphadenopathy has also significantly decreased in size and multiple bony metastases are less apparent.” – Dr. Richard Goldberg, M.D Diplomats, American Board of Radiology.

“There are other trial data showing stunning results” said Lim. “For breast cancer, prostate cancer and other types of cancer, CZ Biomed has Patents in US, Europe, China, Japan with more patents expected early 2017. What is exciting is that CZ Biomed already has 8 products in their clinical pipeline.”

CEO of CZ Biomed Corporation Calvin Cao stated, “We are very excited to have signed this agreement. Mr. Andrew Lim, who was born in South Korea, has already begun discussions with interested parties in South Korea and other countries in Asia. His passion for bringing our clinical products to the attention of global biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders is clearly evident.”

“The legitimacy of oncolytic viruses in cancer therapy is well established” said Lim. “We believe that RVLYSIS®, in particular, shows extraordinary hope for a new treatment of cancer. The positive results shown in clinical trials are truly impressive.”

Clearly all signs are looking very bright for CZ Biomed Corp. and for Kocal Consulting Corporation in their new “win/win” business relationship. Most important of all this likely points to CZ Biomed Corp’s vital work continuing to grow, work that has far reaching health benefits of the highest kind.

About CZ Biomed Corp:

CZ Biomed Corp. is a privately held Biotechnology company based in Tampa, FL, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of high-tech biological products for the treatment of a wide variety of human cancers. CZ Biomed products use novel oncolytic viruses that have been genetically engineered to selectively target tumor cells, but not normal healthy cells.

About Kocal Consulting Corporation:

Kocal Consulting Corporation (KCC Corp.) is a private consulting agency. KCC Corp. was formed to facilitate a network of clients and partners to connect globally to provide innovative solutions with global objectives that offer quick and powerful results.

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