Collaboration with South Korea’s Largest Hospital to Develop New Cancer Treatment

Kocal Consulting Corporation Announces Collaboration with South Korea’s Largest Hospital to Develop New Cancer Treatment

Well Marker Bio Co. Ltd., a biotech division of Asan Medical Center of South Korea, signs Memorandum of Understanding with CZ Biomed Corp. and Kocal Consulting Corporation to develop and market promising new cancer treatment.

COSTA MESA, Calif.July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The first ever biotech division of Asan Medical Center, the largest medical institution in South Korea, agrees to combine efforts in making significant advances in cancer treatment using CZ Biomed’s patented RVLYSIS®.

Kocal Consulting Corporation recently announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the three parties at Bio 2017 (BIO International Convention) held on June 19-22 in San Diego, California.

CEO of CZ Biomed Corporation Calvin Cao stated, “Signing of this agreement is monumental.  Asan Medical Center is aggressively seeking new and innovative ways to advance their treatment of diseases.  We look forward to working with them to develop the most effective cancer treatment.”

“It is clear that CZ Biomed has successfully developed a new class of cancer treatment using oncolytic virotherapy,” commented Andrew Lim, CEO of Kocal Consulting Corporation.  “Our goal is the development and commercialization of a safe and effective cancer treatment.  Well Marker Bio sees the technological and market potential of RVLYSIS®.”

Oncolytic viruses, viruses that infect and kill cancer cells, must not harm other organs or healthy cells in cancer patients.  Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), an oncolytic virus, is a respiratory tract-specific children’s virus that is similar to the common cold and does not cause disease in young and older adults. This trait alone may prove to be much more easily accepted by patients, compared with some much more dangerous viruses currently being investigated for their oncolytic properties.

RVLYSIS® is a genetically engineered form of RSV by CZ Biomed Corp. that can be administered multiple times to allow for maximum effect in targeting, attacking and eradicating cancer cells.

“In 2013, a stage 4 colon cancer patient received 48 doses of RVLYSIS®. That patient is now living a healthy, active, cancer-free lifestyle,” Lim added.  “We are extremely excited to be working with Well Marker Bio and the vast resources of Asan Medical Center, the largest medical institution in South Korea.  We are one step closer to licensing and commercializing CZ Biomed’s high-tech biological products for the treatment of various cancers.”

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About Well Marker Bio Co. Ltd.

Well Marker Bio Co. Ltd. is the first ever biotech division from Asan Medical Center. Asan Medical Center, the parent hospital of eight hospitals under the ASAN Foundation, is the largest medical institution in South Korea.

About CZ Biomed Corp:

CZ Biomed Corp. is a privately held Biotechnology company based in Tampa, FL, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of high-tech biological products for the treatment of a wide variety of human cancers. CZ Biomed products use novel oncolytic viruses that have been genetically engineered to selectively target tumor cells, but not normal healthy cells.

About Kocal Consulting Corporation:

Kocal Consulting Corporation (KCC Corp.) is a private consulting agency. KCC Corp. was formed to facilitate a network of clients and partners to connect globally to provide innovative solutions with global objectives that offer quick and powerful results.

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