RVLYSIS(R) – Within the scope of oncolytic virotherapy.

  • Genetically engineered oncolytic virus that selectively kills tumor cells.
  • Tumor cells are destroyed while normal cells are unharmed
  • Safer to use than its wild-type virus.
  • Selectively Induces apoptosis in tumor cells
  • Allows interferon (IFN) to achieve high local concentration upon local administration
  • Local IFN limits viral replication in normal cells
  • Induces Systemic Anti-Tumor Immune Responses


We currently have 8 products in our clinical pipeline.



Intellectual Property:

  • Broad patent coverage in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • Broad spectrum of antitumor by RVLYSIS® cover the top 8 cancers.

Clinical Pipeline

Patents Granted as of November 9 2016 (more to be announced):

USA – For Prostate Cancer
USA – For Melanoma Cancer
USA – For Breast Cancer
USA – For Lung Cancer
Europe – For Breast Cancer
Japan – For Breast Cancer
China – For Lung Cancer